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Job Application – General

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Why do you want to work at Alpha Delights?

What are two other places you’d like to work? Why?

What excites you about the food service industry?

Where have you traveled or lived?
On a regular basis, what hours are you available to work?

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Ideally, how many hours per week do you want to work?

What is the minimum number of hr./wk. you would like to work?

Please rank (1st-4th) the areas you’d be most interested in working?
Dishwashing/cleaning ____Café (Cooking & kitchen prep)
____Bakery production ____Counter service
____Other (please explain)

Do you have an answering machine/voice mail?
What are your ambitions (professional and personal)?

What personal traits, special knowledge and/or abilities do you have that would be good additions to the staff of Alpha Delights?

What are your salary and benefit expectations?

Formal Education

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What special studies, research, or training have you had?
Do you have any physical restrictions? (Please expain)
Have you served in the military?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain


Important: Please include at least one person who was in a position of authority at a previous place at which you worked.

Name Phone Number Relationship What will S/he say about you?