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Appetizers and Entrees Spend more time with your guests during the next party you host. Whether it's a morning, mid-day or evening event, Alpha Delights has a wide selection of delicious Breakfast/Brunch treats, Appetizers and Entrees that will amaze and please your guests.

Greek Meatballs   Delightfully unique flavor! One pound bag comes frozen. Heat in oven for 25 minutes & serve. $19 (16-18 meatballs). We recommend serving with our Tzatziki Sauce. See more Appetizer Options

French Meat Pie  Mabel's traditional Christmas meal, made with beef, pork and potatoes in her flaky pie crust (seasonal). $38 Serves 6-8. See more Entree Options Sandwich Platters & Salads

Quiche Spinach & Feta Quiche or Summer Quiche (bacon, zucchini, tomato, onion, cheaddar) with our handmade crusts. Other quiche selections available. $32 Each 9" quiche serves 6-8. See more Breakfast/Brunch Options

Our Sandwich/Salad/Dessert combo packages are perfect for holiday parties. See more Sandwich Platter Options

For our Easter Features, click here

Lamb Cake
Bring back memories or create new ones with our adorable Easter Lamb Cake (lemon pound cake, coated in buttercream & coconut or just butter cream). Serves 16-24.

For Baptism, 1st Communion and Confirmation cake ideas please go to our Special Occasion Cakes web site.

Greek Easter Bread
Wonderful citrus flavors mingle with the mystical and aromatic Greek spice called mahlap to create a unique sweet bread. Perfect for breakfast or with afternoon tea or coffee.

Hot Cross Buns
True to our style, we make our sweet dough from scratch. Hand-formed buns are filled with candied fruit, raisins & lemon zest.

Easter Specialities
Mother's Day Bonnet Cake

King Cakes
Enjoy Mardi Gras and see who gets the traditional plastic baby inside each cake! Authentic recipe. Two flavors available. Standard, small and party size (pictured). Available from Epiphany through Fat Tuesday February 17, 2015. Special Mardi Gras catering menu also available. The Standard and Party size are available with either a mixed fruit filling or a pecan filling. Smalls are only available with a fruit filling.
Standard Size $29 Small $16 Party Size $52.

Mother's Day & Father's Day
Features bonnet and baseball hat cakes.

Heart Cake

All chocolate! Perfect for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.