Our menu changes weekly but always includes our famous chicken salad croissant sandwich, a tuna salad sandwich and our wonderful hot grilled Portobella panini sandwich
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Serving Breakfast Everyday, too!

Lunch Menu Week of July 21-26, 2014
Serving our full lunch menu 11:00am - 2:00pm (Mon.-Fri.) 11:00am-2:30pm (Sat.)
Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad Sandwiches available every hour we're open:
Monday through Friday 7:00am - 5:30pm, Saturday 7:30am - 3:30pm.

Hot Sandwich, Soup & Salad selections also available 2:00-5:30pm M-F.
Our menu changes weekly. Take-outs available.

Next Green Bay Botanical Garden Concert is Thursday, July 24, 6pm. Great music, a great place, and great food from Alpha Delights will be available, too, starting at 4:30pm.

Taverna Special: Leek & Cheese Pie
Our Greek "crustless quiche" made with yogurt, Parmesan, feta, leeks and dill. Served with a side salad & bread. By far one of our most popular meals! $8.95

Cafe Special: Mediterranean Seafood Stew
An Italian inspired stew featuring scallops, shrimp, clams and haddock in a light tomato & vegetable broth. Served with a salad and sourdough bread. $9.50

Cafe Special: Bocadillo
Proscuitto, fresh tomato, Manchego cheese, roasted red pepper and fresh aioli on one of our crusty sandwich loaves. A sandwich you'd find in Madrid! Served with a side salad. $8.75

Peaches & Crab Salad
A fan of tree-ripened peaches tossed in a light yogurt & poppy seed dressing cradles our imitation crab salad. Served on a bed of greens. $9.25

Angie's Salad
Featuring candied walnuts, craisins and feta with a balsamic vinaigrette. $7.95 Side $3.95

New! Sweet Peppers and Pork Panini
Roast pork loin, sauteed peppers & onions, provolone, and a mascarpone/apricot spread on our handmade sandwich bun. $8.25

Gyros Sandwich Plate
Gyros meat, tomatoes, feta, onions and the most important ingredient of all-our special Tsaziki yogurt/cucumber sauce! Grilled in pita bread. Served with a side salad. $8.75

Turkey on Fig/Walnut Bread
Turkey breast meat, roasted & sliced here, artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, alfalfa sprouts, craisins and a light Rosemary mayo on our Fig/Walnut bread. Served with fruit. $8.75

The Best Chicken Salad Sandwich Around--(Available All the Time!)
This isn't us boasting. Everyone says it's the best chicken salad sandwich they've ever had! Made with pine nuts and dried cranberries. Served on a French croissant, with pita chips & fruit. $8.25 Also available in bulk, $14/pound!

Tuna Salad Sandwich--(Available All the Time!)
Coconut, raisins, almonds, and subtle curry give a great new twist to this familiar sandwich. Comes on a croissant. Served with pita chips & fruit. $7.75

Salads on the Green
If you'd like we can serve our famous chicken salad and our tuna salad on a bed of greens for the same price as the sandwiches.

This Week's Soup

Zesty Zuppa (Available All Afternoon!)
Italian sausage, potatoes and kale in a very light cream broth. Bowl $4.25 Cup $2.95 Qt. $8.95

Small Plates & Sides

· Greek Lettuce Salad with Stuffed Grape Leaves & Country Olives $5.75
· Hard-boiled Egg & Artichoke on Danish Honey Rye
· Giant Bean Salad $5.25
* Marinated Duo $3.95

Hummus w/Dipping Sticks $4.75
· Grilled Cheese Sandwich $4.25

Breakfast at Alpha!

We serve breakfast 7:00-9:30am (M-F), 7:30-10:00am (Sat.)
· Egg crepes with a light drizzle of hollandaise sauce and a fresh bakery item
· Quiche of the day served with fruit and a bakery item
· Breakfast Panini Greek style with Greek sausage, egg and feta
· Belgian Waffles served with seasonal fruit topping
· Swiss Yogurt
yogurt blended with fresh and dried fruits, and oats
· Oatmeal
· Toast