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Snow Queen's Dream

Lemon Poppy Seed
Our signature lemon curd and buttercream layered with poppy seed sponge cake. $45 Serves 18.

Snow Queen's Dream
Covered with delicate white chocolate flakes and filled with three layers of white chocolate ganache and whipping cream.
Lg. $45 Serves 18,  Sm. $39 Serves 12.

Carrot Cake
Moist cake with walnuts, coconut and pineapple generously complimented with authentic cream cheese frosting. $42 Serves 14.

Tiger Cake
A touch of bitter orange marmalade and orange buttercream deliver a pleasurable citrus accent to the triple chocolate combination of cake, buttercream and ganache. $45
Serves 16.

Lemon Layered Delight
Italian lemon icing made with mascarpone and whipped cream paired with our signature lemon curd and yellow sponge cake. A moist, zesty sensation! $46 (up to 12 servings).

Chocolate Caramel Cream
Chocolate cake layered with whipped cream, imported caramel and caramel buttercream. Enjoy the extra crispy chocolate pearls around the base of this distinguished and light cake. $45 Serves 12.

Lemon Layer Delight
Tiramisu Cake

Striped Ganache
A creamy dense chocolate ganache mousse with a hint of Frangelico liqueur atop a hazelnut chocolate cake all wrapped with a striped band of Jocande sponge cake. $46 (9” up to 16 servings), $30 (7” up to 8 servings).

Tiramisu Cake
The great flavors and textures of Italy's "little pick me up" dessert in a cake. Espresso-soaked, melt-in-your mouth chiffon cake layered with a mocha mascarpone filling. $39 Serves 12.

Bailey's Irish Cream Cake
Tender chocolate cake filled with Bailey's whipped cream. Need we say more? $39 Serves 14 (Seasonal).

Boston Cream
A timeless favorite of luscious chocolate topping a moist yellow sponge cake filled with our mousseline custard. $32 Serves 8 (Seasonal).

Chocolate Bliss
Chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and ganache enrobed with a spectacularly decorated ganache coating. $44 Serves 16.

Raspberry/Mango Torte
A glistening golden glaze foretells the refined pleasures of this combination of exotic mango curd, vanilla mousse, raspberry gelée and vanilla cake, wrapped in a decorative jocande cake. $44 (9” up to 16 servings) $30 (7” up to 8 servings).

Lemon Charlotte
Light and bright tasting lemon cream filling made with freshly squeezed lemons layered on sponge cake, all wrapped inside our handmade ladyfingers and topped with meringue. Lg. $39 (up to 16 servings), Sm. $30 (up to 6 servings).

Striped Ganache
Raspberry/Mango Torte

Fruit Fantastico!
A stunning torte filled with fresh orange pastry cream and finished with whipped cream and glazed fruit. This light, refreshing torte is the perfect finish to a special meal.
1/2 sheet $88 Serves 32.
1/4 sheet $48 Serves 16.

Mini Cakes
Perfect for gifts or personal celebrations. Classic Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and ganache filling $18, Lemon Cake or Lemon Poppy Seed with lemon curd, finished in lemon buttercream $18, or Snow Queen's Dream (decoration not included) $16 Serves 4-6.

Seasonal Pies & Tarts
Experience our flavorful crusts, hand-prepared fillings and attention to every detail.

Spring / Fall / Winter: Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Italian Plum Tart.

Summer: Blueberry Pie, Peach Pie, Fruit Tart,
Rhubarb/Raspberry & Traditional Rhubarb Pie.

Italian Plum Tart
Hearty and flavorful walnut crust filled with frangipane and Italian Plums. $26 Up to 8 servings.
Seasonal Pies and Tarts