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2017 Featured Holiday Cakes & Tortes

Package Cake

Marzipan, dark chocolate and a very complementary touch of apricot layered with festively colored sponge cake, wrapped in chocolate buttercream & chocolate fondant.
$55 (9” up to 20 servings), $48 (7” up to 12 servings).

Traditional Yule Log

Our Bouche de Noël is decorated with holiday gumpaste poinsettias. Inside, chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream rolled around a marzipan center.
$46 (up to 24 servings).

German Chocolate Yule Log

Traditional German Chocolate Cake presented as a holiday Yule log decorated with meringue mushrooms.
$20 (up to 8 servings).

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

A Classic European torte with light and flavorful hazelnut cake & meringue layered with chocolate mousse. (Very low gluten dessert option!).
$46 (up to 18 servings).

Raspberry Mango Torte

A glistening golden glaze foretells the refined pleasures of this combination of exotic mango curd, vanilla mousse, raspberry gelée and vanilla cake, wrapped in a decorative jocande cake.
$44 (9” up to 16 servings), $30 (7” up to 8 servings).

Lemon Layered Delight

Italian lemon icing made with mascarpone and whipped cream paired with our signature lemon curd and yellow sponge cake. A moist, zesty sensation!
$46 (up to 12 servings).

Striped Ganache Torte

A creamy dense chocolate ganache mousse with a hint of Frangelico liqueur atop a hazelnut chocolate cake all wrapped with a striped band of Jocande sponge cake.
$46 (9” up to 16 servings), $30 (7” up to 8 servings).

Italian Plum Tart
Hearty and flavorful walnut crust filled with frangipane and Italian Plums.
$26 (Up to 8 servings.)

More cake options

Holiday Cookie Assortments

Deluxe Holiday Cookie Tray

Beautiful, flavorful assortment of carefully handmade European and traditional holiday favorites, including Chocolate Truffles, Sandbisson, Italian Jelly Cookies, Spritz, Swedish Ginger Thins, Pistachio/Cherry Snowballs, Hazelnut Biscuits, Chocolate Almond Swirls, Mocha Stars, Orange Finger Cookies, Kourebedies, Gingerbread Men and Decorated Cut-outs.
6 Dozen cookies. $40.

Death By Chocolate Cookie Tray

A bold selection of chocolate options: Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Hazelnut, Mocha, Chocolate Spritz, Chocolate Almond.
35 Cookies. $24

A Little Spice Is Nice Cookie Tray

Swedish Ginger Thins add the nice spice to this tray featuring two powdered sugar coated cookies: Kourbedies and Pistachio & Cherry Snowballs.
25 Cookies. $18.

Light and Delicate Cookie Tray

Cherry Vanilla Spritz, Apricot Italian Thumbprints, three flavors of Sandbisson and Orange Finger Cookies.
30 Cookies. $19.

Selections may vary slightly.

Featured Desserts


Traditionally made Italian “little pick-me-up” dessert made with Myers’s Dark Rum, Mascarpone cream and coffee soaked ladyfingers.
$28 (6-8 servings).

Pistachio Orange & Chocolate Demi Tortes

Layers of light pistachio meringue cake layered with orange scented chocolate ganache. Grand Marnier infused whipping cream.

Cranberry Orange Verrines

Layers of Orange Pastry Cream, Cranberry Sauce, whipped cream & a ginger crumble in individual disposable dessert cups.
$3.50 ea.

Lemon Ginger Tart

Bright & luscious lemon cream filling in a ginger crust.
$24 (6-8 servings).

Linzertorte Miniatures

Winter spices folded into a hazelnut crust, filled with apricot and raspberry preserves.

Holiday Specialties


Dresden-style with rum soaked dark & yellow raisins, almonds & a marzipan center (no candied fruit). Each loaf is “iced” by immersing it in clarified butter & then tossing it in powdered sugar.
$24 ($12 for a 1⁄2 loaf).

Mabel's Fruit Cake

Mabel has been making this wine-soaked Bohemian style fruit cake the same way since 1942 -- with plenty of candied fruit, dates, raisins and pecans. Limited supply. We recommend you buy or order now.
$31 (2# loaf), $16 (1# loaf), $12.50 (12oz. loaf).

Petit Fours

Assorted styles and flavors. Made by Divine Delights.
$1.35 - $1.75 ea.


The minute you open the beautiful package you’ll know why Italians consider Flamigni the best brand of their beloved Panettone. Starter dough, nurtured for over 140 years, gives this brand of imported Panettone its unsurpassed flavor. Limited supply.

Delicious Catering Options

Lunch Catering

Alpha Delights' sandwich platters are perfect for social and business settings. Select up to two types of sandwiches for groups of 12 or fewer. Choose up to three sandwiches for 12 or more. Sandwich options listed below.

The sandwich options we recommend are our famous Chicken Salad on Croissant, Roast Beef on our Focaccia, our amazing Turkey on Fig/Walnut bread, and Ham & Cheese on Demi Baguette.

Call 920.339.9144 a day in advance to order. Sandwich/Salad/Dessert Combos $10.95 (per person*).
Sandwich/Salad $9.50 (per person*)
Sandwiches only $8.25 (per person)

*Prices assume an Angie's Salad and Cookies & Bars Dessert Assortment. Prices will be adjusted for substitutions.

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  Mikinos Combo
    (Leek mini quiche & dolmathes)
  Olive Nut Spread

For Entrees & Brunch...
  French Meatpie
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  Angie’s Salad
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